Yoga Teacher – Author – Speaker – Yin Yoga Teacher Trainer


Yoga Teacher – Organizer online yoga and wellness retreats – Teacher Trainer – Author – Health Coach
About Me

Hi, I’m Bi.
I am a Yoga teacher and author. I organize online yoga and wellness retreats, I hold Yin Yoga training courses and I have an amazing Community Online where we are crazy enough to want to change the world and make it a happier place.  


“Only those who are crazy enough to think they are able to change the world will really change it” Albert Einstein


My mission is to help people to become a happier version of themselves and by sharing it with the world they will make it a better place. 


My passions are Yin Yoga, meditation and the ocean, and actually surfing. When I am in the water that’s when I really feel at home and it makes my life lighter and more joyful that is why I had to take steps to make sure I had it more and more in my life. Once I figured out how I managed to completely change my life and live on the ocean and be free of the usual way of how life should be I decided to make my life a mission and share it with the world. 


Every one of us at some point looks at its life and maybe is not completely happy but you feel stuck and don’t really know where to start. That is something I experienced on my skin and from which I learned a lesson. Because at some point in my life I realized that I was not fully happy. At least not as much as I should have and wanted. Confucius said that “The fool seek happiness far away, while the wise cultivate it under their feet”.


This is how I understood that happiness was not something I had to look for, as if it was a hidden treasure or the goal of a journey. But rather, it was a condition of heart, mind and soul. It was the path itself! I wanted to be happy in the now and therefore it was up to me to find the “key”to get there. 


Since then I have been on this journey and now I feel the happiest person I know, really. Now I am here to share it all with you and I hope will be here to listen because it is an amazing journey toward the best life you can even imagine!

Yoga & Wellness Education
• Certified Hatha Yoga Vinyasa Teacher Level I e II (MyHealthYoga | Australia)
• Certified Yin Yoga Teacher (MyHealthYoga | Australia)
• Certified Odaka Yoga (ODAKA | Italia)
• Yoga Therapy (Byron Yoga | Australia)
• Certified Prenatal Yoga Teacher (Yoga Suite | Italia)
• Certified Kids Yoga teacher (Rainbow Kids | Spagna)
• Health Coach (IIN, Institute of Integrative Nutrition, New York | USA)



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